Starting the school year with a trip to Okanagan’s first wind power facilities. 

On September 28th, with clear skies, the tranquil sounds of birds chirping in the trees, and crisp, calm air, Okanagan Wind was thrilled to welcome its very first student tour. Site manager Stephen Chai and Senvion site supervisor Sacha Gagnon hosted 24 students and staff from the Upper Nicola Band’s N’kwala School for an informative, educational tour of the wind power facilities at our Pennask site.

As a member of the Okanagan community, it is an honour to partner with local schools and interactively teach students more about renewable energy, including how the turbines seen from Highway 97C can help contribute to a cleaner, brighter future. With a total installed capacity of 30 megawatts across the sites at Pennask and Shinish Creek, Okanagan Wind generates enough green energy to power around 9,000 homes each year.

Collaboration and communication are integral to advancement, with education at the keystone of shaping ideas and pathways to create truly great communities. Wind energy integrates the latest technology to provide the surrounding area with a sustainable, clean energy source that mitigates the effects of climate change while providing local job opportunities.

With this successful inaugural tour, we plan to continue engaging the young minds of future leaders, informing and inspiring students on the merits of renewable energy, collaboration, and environmental stewardship. Harnessing the natural resources of the Okanagan region, our wind power facilities aim to work alongside the local communities, helping to develop a brighter future that we can all be proud of.

Thank you to all the students and staff for talking the time to come visit, and to N’kwala School for helping organize a successful trip.