Wind energy projects make positive and long-term economic contributions to communities across Canada.

In 2015, Canadian clean wind energy grew by 25%, creating 10,500 jobs.*

These positive benefits include:

  • Employment and contract opportunities for local businesses and contractors during construction
  • Full-time permanent jobs once the wind projects are operational
  • Stable income for landowners from lease agreements
  • Financial benefits and potential revenue from increased tourism

Okanagan Wind, for example, created about 60 jobs during the construction phase of the projects and has contracted local and First Nations service providers to support various construction initiatives.

Wind energy projects bring direct investment in the form of contracts for raw materials and infusion of dollars to local services and retail businesses.

Social responsibility and respect for local communities are fundamental to our management approach and value proposition for our partners. We are committed to following the highest standards as we operate the Okanagan Wind facilities. Our mission is to deliver clean electricity as safely and efficiently as possible, ensuring we provide maximum value to our stakeholders and the local economy.

Okanagan Wind has established Impact Benefit Agreements with local First Nation communities to provide access to job opportunities, annual benefit payments to the community, funds to support scholarships and wildlife preservation, and continuing roles as environmental monitors of the projects.

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