Wind energy is a clean, low-cost source of emission-free electricity.

The Okanagan Wind facilities generate approximately 100,000 megawatt hours of clean electricity each year – enough to power the equivalent of approximately 9,000 homes.

Wind power facilities reduce greenhouse gas emissions, do not deplete natural resources and use less land than other forms of power generation. In addition, wind power projects require significantly less water than any other traditional form of electricity generation, thereby greatly reducing impacts to local scare water resources.*

The Okanagan Wind facilities reduce BC’s water consumption by 96 million litres a year – the equivalent volume of 32 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  

The Okanagan Wind facilities make an important contribution to achieving British Columbia’s renewable energy goal of generating at least 93% of electricity in the province from clean or renewable resources. The clean electricity produced by the project offsets approximately 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is equivalent to removing 12,000 passenger vehicles from the road.

The Okanagan Wind facilities are a green alternative to conventional electricity generation and will contribute to a cleaner environment.

*Canadian Wind Energy Association – Wind. For My Community